THE CUT: Cleveland's Rico Blu is hungry for the spotlight

If you see me in a neck brace over the weekend, don't worry I didn't get into a bad accident. 

I did, however hurt it because I was bobbing my head ignorantly to Rico Blu and his new song "What a Feeling." Between Blu's rhyme scheme and the production, I really couldn't help it.

The Cleveland native's rap style is like trying to carry every grocery bag from the car to your house. You may not get everything he says on the first go but that doesn't stop you from trying. Either way, once it's all over you're satisfied as fuck. 

This is not an insult in the slightest, Blu's flow and ability to jam pack every line with a bar makes everything he says more potent. Blu is not for fans of mumble rap, this is gritty, chip off the block rapping. It honestly brings me back to the early 2000's when Eminem and The Wu-Tang Clan dominated the rap landscape. 

The dreamer in me says that this is what Cleveland sound should be.

Produced by Elyria native Will Cherry, this song clocks in at just 1:25, which is a bummer because this song goes H.A.M. (dated reference, whatever). Hopefully, if Blu carries this kind of production and energy into an album - we may have an early contender for top 10 albums of the year in 2021.

Check him out below:

Let me know what you think,



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