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Ripp Flamez releases new project "Everybody hates Ripp"

Ripp Flamez has been a staple in the Cleveland rap scene since 2016 with his first project WaveForever. Taking the soundcloud trap style that was hot then and making it his own, he's since been releasing a study flow of projects almost every year. My favorite being his Project Melodies series.  However, since 2019, Ripp seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. That is until recently with the release of "Everybody Hates Ripp," which was released today on streaming services. Despite the comedic reference, this album isn't a lighthearted listen. With 13 songs and no features, Ripp explores themes like grief, loneliness and betrayal. Sonically, Ripp is still one of the most dynamic artists to date with a rich blend of trap/R&B style beats. This project is best played late at night while your driving or in bed....alone with your thoughts. This project reminds us that Ripp still has plenty to talk about and can find new ways to do it. It's not an upbeat list

The best rap albums from Ohio artists in 2020

  It's been one week into 2021 and I am already exhausted. I meant to have this list in then but with everything going on in the capitol right now, it seemed secondary. Now after a few weeks off, here is my final best of list for 2020 chalk full of my favorite projects from artists from and around Cleveland. These artists are on the come up, don't be surprised if you see them start to make waves in mainstream music industry soon. That last sentence is always a "hopeless romantic" saying, but I honestly do think Cleveland is beginning to carve out a sound for itself. It may not be in the next few months, even the next few years but there are plenty of artists ready to make the leap to a wider audience. For these artists, all it takes is that Tik Tok, Ebro picking your shit up, or a break out hit so undeniably classic that anyone can pick it up. Some of these artists are already there, some of these artists will soon be there. Here is my list of the best albums from Ohi

The most underrated albums of 2020

  Here are my tp ten most underrated albums of 2020: Ho, Why is you here? - Flo Milli Okay, this album has made it to a few best of lists. I still think this project is under rated though. In a year dominated by Lizzo, Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B, Millie carved her own lane in the same style of music and made it completely her own. Her style, while simple is insanely quotable and catchy. None of the song on this project sound the same, making it one of the best albums to blast and piss your neighbors off with. Modus Vivendi - 070Shake I completely wrote of 070 Shake when her career started, I will be the first to admit that. I didn't like what she was doing with the culture vulture queen herself YesJulz. Now, it looks like she's gone her own way and has created an entire cerebral experience for her fans. Filled with vintage samples, violins, synths and stripped back drums, 070 Shake makes you feel like your falling down a cybernetic rabbit hole. It makes me feel like I'