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Rico Blu debuts first music video for "What a Feeling"

  I'm back baby. Cleveland's Chosen Nerd, Jake Gyllenhaal on cheeseburgers, Mr. Can't Balance a Checkbook has finally returned. What better way to celebrate my return than to celebrate the debut music video for Rico Blu's "What a Feeling." Directed by Jake Harness, the short music video perfectly encapsulates the lyrics of the song. I absolutely love the fact that the video is actually funny/fun to watch. The man's spitting bars and he's eating blurred out cereal in a giraffe costume. For some reason, it's rare to get an artist that can lay something heavy down but maintain a light feel visually. I have a feeling that The Man on the Sun is going to get more airplay the more he releases music. He's partnered with some pretty promising artists right now like Will Cherry. Be on the look out for this man and his music. I know I will be. Let me know what you think, LUX