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My 2019 year end review

Before: a nightmare                                                                      After: still a nightmare Last year at this time, I delivered overpriced cookies for a living. Weaving in and out of traffic at ungodly hours to deliver a small box of sweets to college students at ungodly hours. It's needless to say that after graduating three months prior and coming off of an internship with Cleveland Magazine , this isn't what I thought I'd be doing but I will say it anyway. This is not what I thought I would be doing right out of college. I thought I would be working at the New York Times as a Politics Reporter or as a Columnist for the New Republic . Instead, I worked at Insomnia Cookies full time as a driver and a driver - I wasn't even allowed to clean the store. Some nights I would work until three in the morning, coming home dead tired to a sleeping girlfriend resting to work in the morning - I would go days without seeing her, our only fo