The Cut: PESO is packing trippy rap with potent lyricism

Genre bending has become common place for rap music today. Now almost every rapper can sing or play guitar or do something other than rap in their music.

There are however, artists that can take this to different levels and elevate it into an art form.

Take PESO for example, on the surface he makes trippy, genre-bending rap music. Listen closer and you realize that he has something to say. It's an unexpected one/two punch that caught me so off guard I really struggled to write this blog because I couldn't define him. (which is a good thing right?)

For example, on his latest track "As Far As I See," he  spends nearly half of it making you think it's an R&B song by singing. The second half  kicks up and he begins skillfully weaving around the beat with fast lyricism not common for psych or emo rap today.

It boils down to this: I don't how to describe what it is I like about him - his witty lyricism, his unique choice in beats or his rap style - but I know I like it and I know you'll like it to.

Check his music out below:


He has a new album on the way this December. Until then, check out an album he released last year titled "There's No Room in Here,"

Let me know what you think,



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