The Cut: Mai Moxi is bringing back classic R&B on her terms


NOTE: This is a mix of an album review and an artist spotlight because not only did I just discover this artist, she also just released an album.

At the start of the week, I began making an extra effort to look for more talented female artists to write about on the blog- found one.

Cleveland's Mai Moxi released her new album "Nymphaea," today and I have to say, this album is STACKED. The 14 track album falls just under and hour and includes guest features from the likes of Walker OG, Young Paris and Charles Hamilton and Lil B - two rap blog legends - no big deal.

Moxi's music is something I would listen to on a long drive at night. It's got smooth vibes that harken back to 90's R&B. What's different about her though is that she focuses heavily on lyricism. Her lyrics are so grounded and smart that it's not what you expect when you think about R&B right now.

She covers topics ranging from knowing a woman's worth, Cleveland odes and depression during the quarantine. On one song she could be rapping over a classic 90's beat the next she's singing over an acoustic track. It's really a variety pack of sounds and themes, I don't really believe someone couldn't find a song they liked by her.

Fave songs: Work from Home Ft. Alpxne, Boulder Co Freestyle, 24 7, Quaranting Ft. Charles Hamilton, In My Bag Ft. Lil B.

Check her out below:

Here's the link to here new album out now:

Let me know what you think,


P.S. I'm noticing a trend of East Cleveland artists taking over the mediascape - should we call this movement something? I vote for the East Cleveland Renaissance. 


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